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Vibes 97.3 FM’s Daybreak Benin host, Osato “EDK” Edokpayi wields all the wit and sagacity expected of a topflight On-Air-Personality. And for anyone who has followed him, these acclamations are not out of place for one of the most talked about OAPs in Edo State.

Add that to his appeal, pace and raw energy and you would have no reason to doubt why the youngster has achieved so much just within a few years of professional broadcasting. An avant-garde broadcaster, EDK – as popularly called by his raving fans – spits the language of the day with unmatched ease, a trait which endears him effortlessly to lovers of radio broadcasting.

EDK revels in every good reward for hard work; a pat on the back for accomplishing a feat or some hang-outs with friends, sipping some wine to satisfy his acquired cravings and tastes.

When his Drive Time show grabbed the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards (2014), he refused to roll out the drums. Rather, he rolled up his sleeves, sneaked into the studio to turn-up the city. And ever since, he has continued to stick out his chest just to make broadcasting much more than what it is. He does it every time, in a different way. And he just cannot stop.

In January 2015, he was nominated for the Edo Governor’s Youth Leadership Award for Excellence, an award which seeks to recognise blazing Nigerian young stars who are making a significant difference in their respective spheres of influence where he emerged first runner-up in a fiercely contested ballot.

EDK currently hosts the Benin City’s #1 breakfast show; Daybreak Benin, weekdays 6am – 11am & the Saturday Morning Show, 6am – 11am.