Eating After Workouts: The Science of Timing Meals and Exercise

exeWhen it comes to fuel a workout, there’s a common pitfall: Eating too much to compensate. But not eating enough to fuel those squats or spin classes can also backfire.

So what’s the best way to eat to ensure you make the most of your workout? It turns out, setting up the body for the best recovery and muscle repair is a matter of timing… Continue Reading

How Your Sandwich Could Be Hurting Your Diet

sandwich-160721About half of Americans eat a sandwich on any given day, but the classic lunch item may be contributing to a generally less healthy diet, a new study suggests.

The study found that on the days that people ate sandwiches, they consumed nearly 100 more calories, as well as more sodium, fat and sugar, compared to the days when they didn’t eat sandwiches… Continue Reading


Why Quiet Is Important for Kids’ Learning

mom-baby-playing-160428Toddlers may have a harder time picking up new words if there’s background noise around them, like sounds from a TV or a cellphone conversation, a new study suggests.

In the study, children ages 22 months to 30 months weren’t able to learn new words in a lab experiment if there was relatively loud background noise when the children first heard the words, the researchers said… Continue Reading


Molar Pregnancy: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

pregnant-woman-stressA molar pregnancy, also called hydatidiform mole, is an abnormal growth of placental tissue in a woman’s uterus. It is an unsuccessful pregnancy that occurs after a man’s sperm has fertilized a woman’s egg and when tissue that would normally develop into the placenta to nourish the developing fetus forms an abnormal growth, or mass, containing hundreds of grape-sized cysts (fluid-filled sacs)… Continue Reading